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Water Quality Monitor

Milwaukee Riverkeeper supports a network of trained citizen-science volunteers who monitor streams and rivers throughout the Milwaukee River Basin May through October.

Aesthetics Monitor

Milwaukee Riverkeeper helps the Wisconsin DNR and the EPA monitor the aesthetics, or healthy appearance, of the Milwaukee River Estuary Area of Concern.

Road Salt Monitor

Milwaukee Riverkeeper is working to determine if chloride concentrations from road salt are reaching harmful levels. Road salt monitors are needed to help collect data for this research. Sampling typically takes place within 48 hours after events that trigger road salt use such as large snowfalls and snowmelts.

Emerging Contaminants Monitor

Milwaukee Riverkeeper works with partners to collect and analyze water samples for more than 60 emerging contaminants including prescription drugs, antibiotics, herbicides, personal care products, and even vanilla and cinnamon.

Mussel Monitor

The goal of Milwaukee Riverkeeper’s Mussel Monitoring program is to identify mussel demographics within in the Milwaukee River Basin and is part of a larger effort by the Wisconsin DNR’s Mussel Monitoring Program.

Monitoring Resources

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