Snow & Ice Control Workshop

Help reduce the impacts of road salt to local water quality

Our Snow & Ice Control Workshop covers best practices for private contractors in an effort to reduce impacts of road salt to local water quality! Milwaukee Riverkeeper works with Fortin Consulting so you’ll learn state of the art winter maintenance practices, including how to transition to liquid deicers, to reduce overall salt application to parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks.

The workshop is part of a larger grant-supported effort funded by Fund for Lake Michigan to increase awareness of the impact of winter deicing activities on local waterways through Milwaukee Riverkeeper’s public education and monitoring work. That means, there is NO COST to attend!

You’ll receive:

  • a certification in snow and ice control best practices (see below);
  • training materials;
  • a non–contact infrared thermometer,
    lunch, and
  • snacks

MPCA Smart Salting Level 1 Certification: Snow and ice control best practices

After successful completion of the workshop, participating contractors will receive certification in snow and ice control best practices! Learn more about this certification program as well as other Wisconsin contractors that have been certified.

List of Individuals Certified

Certified individuals have attended training, passed a test, and agreed to use practices that reduce salt impacts on the environment: